About Us

Creative people deserve fair pay for their projects.

People with creative, visual, audio, and writing abilities pour their heart and soul into their craft. Actors, comedians, writers, animators, musicians, and many others create hours and hours of entertainment. They do this because they have passion, a vision, a message, or just for fun.

YouTube gave millions of people a platform to share their videos.. It made stars out of a few, and financially rewards even fewer. YouTube videos are watched four billion times a day. Even though the ad revenue generated is immense--somewhere around 5.6 Billion dollars a year--most of it goes to Google. Content Creators receive pennies even with thousands of views. Plus, the payout structures are proprietary and confusing.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could keep most of the revenue generated by YOUR creation?
Wouldn’t it better if you control the distribution?
Wouldn’t it better if your fans didn't have to sit through annoying advertisements in order to see your creation?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a real measure of your success and potential based on payments, not just views?

No longer will you be competing against cat videos and car accidents. You can have real, measurable numbers to show potential investors and producers, if that is the route you would like to take, AND real money in your pocket.

Here's our offer

We Feed Starving Artists

You worked hard on your song/sketch/commentary/cat video. Plus, you spend money on a website to promote your creations, you pay for marketing, you do all the hard work, so you should get WAYYYYY more than the piddly scraps YouTube gives you.

On YouTube, if your video gets 10,000 views, and you allow advertising, you might generate $10 in revenue. If you are a YouTube partner and most people watch a full ad (ya, that will happen--not!) you might get lucky and make $60.

On WatchMyBit, if you charge just 21 cents per view, and get 10,000 views, you would earn $1,575!

Let’s review:

On YouTube, your creative genius attracts 10,000 views; they place ads in your content; they make millions from this; you get $6 to $60...

On WatchMyBit: 10,000 views at 21 cents = $1,575 - - directly to you.

Maybe your fans will be willing to pay 39 cents per view, maybe $.99 per view. You would make thousands and thousands of dollars. It all depends on your talent and your popularity, NOT the confusing and secret algorithms of Google.

Our math is simple:

10,000 views at 39 cents = $2,925
10,000 views at 99 cents = $7,425

Heck a mere 1000 views at $1.39 = $1,042.50

How does this work?

With the new power of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the possibility of micro-payments is here right now. With credit cards it’s nearly impossible to charge much less than $1.00 per transaction because of all the middle men involved: PayPal, banks, Visa/MasterCard, clearinghouses and others, each taking a piece of the pie. With Bitcoin we can pass on much more of the money generated because there is very little overhead.

We give you complete control over how much to charge for each view of your video. You can charge as little as nine cents, or as much as you think your fans will pay. You don't need a credit card, bank account or even paypal. If you are not getting many views, lower your price, if you are getting a lot of views raise your price.

We pass your money to the bitcoin address you give us everyday for every single view.

AND you can add multiple co-creators, decide what percentage each receives, and WatchMyBit will automatically split the revenue from each view of your video.

...What's that you say? You don't want bitcoins? No problem, there are several payment processors who will change your bitcoins into cash--often for free. Coinbase and Bitpay are just two companies who process the exchange.

AND because Bitcoin is used worldwide, you can now get paid from fans in every country on Earth!

Want to get started?

  1. Pick a username and password
    • We don't need a credit card, paypal account, or any personally identifiable information.
  2. Load your video
    • MP4 encoded with h.264 video and AAC audio work great, but many formats work.
    • Give it a name, add search terms
      (This service is only for creative people who hold the copyrights to all elements of their video)
  3. Select a price
    • Minimum price is $.09, no maximum
    • The price in $ € ¥ automatically adjusts to the current Bitcoin price
  4. Choose the number of co-creators
    • Five guys in your band? Four actors, two camera operators, and an editor?
    • Choose which cause to support and what percentage you wish to give
    • Select the percentage each co-creator receives, add each of their bitcoin addresses.
  5. PROFIT!
    • Send the links to your fans via social media so your fans can directly support you.
    • 75% of each view gets sent straight to you everyday.
    • The virtuous circles you create will reward you AND the charity you choose.

Compared to YouTube, you will make a LOT of money.

Here are some ways to make even more money