F ounded in 1993 by Eiichi Naito as a small independent music label, Domo Music Group has grown over the years with an impressive catalog of international talent.  Naito’s initial success with the label came through the signing of Grammy and Golden Globe-winning New Age artist and icon Kitaro.  That early addition to the label created a template for D.M.G. to seek out and cultivate unique, diverse world music talents.  The company continues to be guided by its founder's original mandate and vision, “To provide a home for both the creators and aficionados of quality music beyond the borders of categorization.”

Naito’s background in engineering, production, and international music practices proved the right skill set in developing a label that would stand the test of time.  Over the years, the label’s executive team has expanded to include Dino Malito (Vice President), Howard Sapper (V.P. Business Affairs) aided by the marketing and promotional team that includes Atsuko Mizuta and Shamina Sato.

As early as 1996, Domo was recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the industry’s most successful Adult Demographic labels.  Domo continues to showcase an eclectic roster of world music artists from long-time Domo resident Kitaro to numerous up-and-coming musicians.